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Week 12 Moments

Surely week 12 of the year 2019 marked the proper beginning of spring. Light jackets, birds singing, sunsets to-die-for (light coming in through the blinds), spring flowers and allergies. Allergies and a head cold from hell.

After announcing at work that I never get sick and would love to have a “sick day” I was doomed to get a nasty cold! Monday and Tuesday was spent at home, not doing much. Watching tv and baking banana bread. Trying to breathe.


The super moon came and went. On Wednesday morning as I walked to the bus, ready to start work again, I saw a glimpse of her before she went down behind the trees and I got chills. For 2 seconds. This picture below was not of that moment.

Am I the only one that rarely document exact moments of joy? Because when I’m in them, those moments, I forget. It’s only later when I’m out and about reflecting that I will stop and take a moment to document something that, sort of, resembles that moment.


On Friday I got off at 14.30. Afterwards I went home, scrubbed dishes and cleaned even though I felt like dying (still sick). Later on I took the bus + train to meet Andrew outside his work. We bought a new room spray, had dinner and then went to see Us - which was so, so good.


On Saturday I met my friend Keith who just moved here from Ireland. We shared pitchers and ate pasta as we updated each other of this and that. It was the first time this spring that I could sit outside in the sunshine and I was ecstatic. Oh the joys! Of course, I didn’t take a single picture of our dinner. I only took photos on the way to and from that moment.


On the way home that Saturday I jumped off the bus early and walked through Queen Elizabeth Park home. It was the perfect temperature, the perfect sunset, the perfect amount of people in the park (only a couple at a distance from me), I was listening to the perfect early-spring-evening-album (Blue by Joni Mitchell) and everything was just. Delightful.


Sunday was spent dragging Andrew around Canadian Tire looking for a portable BBQs and buying a new table cloth for our living room and cleaning. I love our home. I prepared a bath for Andrew, I lit all our candles and I had a gin and tonic before we made a pork roast dinner and cuddled up on the couch.

And that was the end of that. Hi spring, you are so, so welcomed. Allergies and all.