Fish Sticks And Sausage Deluxe?

Richmond Night Market. I mean, where to start? We went on a friday night because we didn’t go once last year and it’s just sort of those events that you need to visit at least once if you live in Vancouver. We took the skytrain there, which was easy enough. However, before even starting our trip there both me and Andrew were exhausted from the week that had passed. The last thing I wanted to do, really, was to venture out to a crowd of people. But! Sometimes you have to push yourself. Otherwise I would stay in all the time.

When we got there we were met by young girls selling season passes shouting “skip the 45 min queue by buying passes”! We smiled, what a clever way to make money. There’s no way the queue is actually 45 min. We were right, it was longer than 45 min. Immediately off to a great start, queueing for close to an hour. It was boiling outside, I was wearing the wrong clothes, I was tired, I was THIRSTY! And also hungry, after being on the other side of the fence looking in on people with their many plates eating like it was some medieval feast.

Once in, we went straight to a food stall we’ve been watching from the queue where they sold simple “steak on a stick”. After seeing the “popular choices” on the poster as we waited to get in, we knew that it’d be quite difficult for us to find something basic to eat that wasn’t steak on a stick, so steak on a stick it was. It was coated with sugar, which made it delicious but also so, so fulling.

Photo 26-07-2019, 20 05 47.jpg
Photo 26-07-2019, 20 33 09.jpg
Photo 26-07-2019, 20 33 12.jpg
Photo 26-07-2019, 20 46 14.jpg

There was rain in the air, but we knew we were gonna be spared. I loved the smell, at first, of the upcoming rain and the smoke from the various BBQ places around the market. The sun was setting and the colours were amazing. I tried to capture it all, but I mean a phone camera can only do so much.

Photo 26-07-2019, 20 53 42.jpg
Photo 26-07-2019, 20 54 19.jpg
Photo 26-07-2019, 20 55 04.jpg

Once we started walking around, not so hungry or thirsty anymore, I began to feel more and more sick. Sick because there was just so much food and waste and animals being eaten everywhere. I know we just had steak sticks, and they were delicious, but the thought of so much meat in one place started to really get to me. And there was the seafood, the endless seafood. People walking around slurping tiny squids and eating fish on a stick and the SMELL of both raw and cooked seafood made me… sad? For a lack of better word. Add that with the huge amount of people present at the market, and the whole thing was just really overwhelming.

We managed to find the most basic type of dishes at Richmond Night Market: steak sticks, tiny dutch pancakes with Nutella, corn on the cob and taco fries. We didn’t spend time really exploring any of the stalls around the market apart from the food stalls. There were just too many people, we were tired and overwhelmed. Shortly after finishing our fries we walked to the skytrain again.

Photo 26-07-2019, 21 11 34.jpg
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Photo 26-07-2019, 22 04 53.jpg

I also want to write about something extremely… silly, I guess, is the word. Or something like that. I don’t really like any of the pictures in these posts. And in many of my blog posts, I include pictures that I don’t love but I include them to show a full picture. That “not everything is perfect” I guess, and also that your favourite blogger who you are comparing yourself with; who only posts perfect photos of their days out probably has hundreds of photos they don’t show. It’s silly of me to want to not posts memories just because they don’t fit in to a certain visual narrative. My life is not a single themed event, it’s multidimensional with blurry ugly pictures. The colours are off, the lighting is off. Mostly it’s just point and shoot kinda photos. 

Then there’s the issue of photos of me. But that subject belongs in a post by itself. so I’ll wait to discuss that in full. I will say that even this picture, the last one of me simply standing in the neon archway sparked an argument between me and Andrew. I looked at the photo once he took it, and it wasn’t what I expected; what I had in mind. I told him to retake it, and he got mad at me. Because it’s something I do a lot. Get frustrated at him for not taking the picture I had in mind; I come out looking like someone else, or at least that’s what I tell myself. In reality most of the times I just come out looking exactly like me. And that’s what I have a problem with. But more on that later. 

All in all, we probably won’t revisit Richmond Night Market. But at least we can now say that we went! And before I got all upset about my own looks, we had a nice time. Because the truth is, whatever we do we always have a nice time together. And for that I am truly, truly blessed.

ps. obviously not just blessed, but very willing to do the heavy labour in order to get the very best harvest!