To Celebrate The Light

Saturday the 27 of July. What happened to summer? It was there, I was there. I enjoyed every little bit of it. I speak as if I think summer’s over; it’s not. There’s at least a full month of it left. And then we have late summer, early fall. September, with its still very warm weather and beautiful sunsets. Perhaps not hot enough for swimming in the ocean, but warm enough for barbeques on the beach. We’ll bring a blanket, a light jacket, cuddle up next to Bridget the BBQ. July, however, is over. And despite not being able to let go of the fear that that the weather shouldn’t be this hot: our earth is overheating and we will all die probably sooner than we think, I had such an amazing June and July.

On saturday the twenty seventh of July, the very last weekend of the main summer month, we parked Misty on 4th Avenue and walked down to the closed-off Kitsilano. Past gorgeous, european-looking neighborhoods with its little nooks, past museum of Vancouver, past the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival area, down to Vanier Park.

Photo 27-07-2019, 18 15 28.jpg
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Once by the seafront, we bought kettle corn and hotdogs and watched a plane do stunts over English Bay. I saw a seal peak up in front of us from the water to see what all the commotion was about (twice!). The sunset was gorgeous. Friends joined later, bringing cans and blankets. There was childish joy in the air, if you like.

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At 10pm India showed their fireworks skills in Celebration of Light. A fireworks championship of sorts. For 26 minutes they went on and on, showcasing the extravaganza lightshow to people all around the bay. It was magical. You’d think that that was the end of last weekend of July, but no. We had an amazing Sunday as well, but more on that later.

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