Island Park Life and Island Park Walk

Granville Island can be incredibly busy on a normal weekday, but it’s definitely crowded on a sunny Sunday in the middle of summer. There are places on the island that are less crowded though, that act as little bubbles away from the rest of busy island. Ron Blasford Park is one of those bubbles. The only people there are people with blankets who are either snacking on something they’ve bought from the Public Market or taking naps in the shade of the trees surrounding the grass patch.

Me and Andrew went there prepared: with our blanket, SkipBo, nachos, salsa, water and food bought at the market. We also bought donuts from Lee Donuts, which is a bit of a hit and miss but on this day they were delicious!

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If you sit there long enough, you’ll be able to catch the pirate ship cruise; a theatre production on a pirate ship with its audience on the boat with them experiencing action up front. It’s fun to see, and I can only imagine what it would be like to be on the ship as a child.

After we’ve been in the park for a couple of hours, we decided to walk along False Creek on the Island Park Walk, something we realised we’d actually never done before. You walk out of Granville Island, past the water park, and onto the path that will lead all the way to Science World. There are so many spots along the way that you can stop at, and so many views we hadn’t seen before; Stamps Landing with its many lively restaurants, Husain Rahim Plaza, Habitat Island and the steps going down to the sea, reminding me of Europe, at Olympic Village.

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Finally at Olympic Village we decided to go for drinks at Tap & Barrel, to sit on their patio. Something we had never done before either, despite going past it so many times. Andrew had some chicken wings, we watched dogs walking by and a woman asking strangers to dance with her on the boardwalk. Just before the sun went down, we took the bus home. All in all another 10/10 type of day.

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