Shipyards Night Market + Italian Day On The Drive

Italian Day On The Drive

Another early June adventure. Me and Andrew went to the first of the summer markets, the Italian Day on the Drive aka Commercial Drive here in East Vancouver.

Photo 09-06-2019, 13 27 42.jpg

Once there, it was so crowded. Commercial Drive feels narrower than Main Street, but I’m not sure if that is actually true or if there were just more people on Commercial! Nevertheless I enjoyed eating one of the best gyros I’ve had in ages (not italian food, I know!), watching the proper italians grill mackerel and later on (after hiding inside a bar having cold drinks (again, super hot and super crowded!)) a slice of neapolitan pizza and sfogliatella (which honestly wasn’t that good).

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Shipyard Night Market

One friday before Seona left, we all decided to go to the Shipyard Night Market on the North Shore. A quick seabus ferry later, you arrive at Lonsdale where every friday during the summer there’s a night market with a beer garden, food trucks, jewelry and homemade bits and bobs stalls.

Photo 21-06-2019, 19 53 25.jpg
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After some food and wandering around we decided that the beer garden was a bit too crowded for us, so we went to the patio at Tap & Barrel for some drinks and appetizer. I love any location where you can see downtown Vancouver from a distance. Looking at these pictures of Seona again makes me really, really miss her. There is nothing more beautiful than female friendship and I miss her company, humour, intelligence so much!

These pictures also makes me realise that 1) maybe I shouldn’t cut my own hair anymore and 2) just colour your hair if you really wanna colour your hair. Don’t suffer with roots!

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Photo 21-06-2019, 21 35 47 (1).jpg