Main Street Car Free Day

Here’s an update from early June! I really try to be more with the times when it comes to updating, and maybe one day I’ll get into a nice little flow. But for now later-blogs will do. I still want to include these moments on my page since I see this page as sort of a time capsule.

End of May / start of June the heat arrived properly. I wore my lightest dress (yes, despite covering my whole body), sunglasses that has since disappeared and sandals that has since broken down. I loved the sun with all the happy peeps and our favourite street in Vancouver; Main Street being the focus of the day.

Photo 16-06-2019, 13 55 59 (2).jpg
Photo 16-06-2019, 13 58 31 (2).jpg

All the music were provided by young bands in after school music groups / summer camps. We loved listening to hard rock cover bands and our favourite band of them all; Scranton City. We enjoyed virgin mojitos and crepes.

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Cue the cutest kissing both I’ve ever seen and this woman celebrating trans-rights with everyone high fiving her.

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Due to the heat, we decided to go to The General Public, a hipster-sushi place for cold drinks with Andrew’s cousin + friends for the reminder of the day.

On the way home after such an amazing day I asked Andrew to take a photo of me. I don’t even like the photo, but I imagine it being a nice one to show my kids in the future and say “look, this was how carefree your mom was before you guys” knowing fully well that’s a massive lie. It’s more a portrait of a woman in constant crises and anxiety who’s trying her very hardest to romanticize as many parts of her life as possible. And that’s why I document as much as I do.

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