The Lunchbox Antidote

I don’t have a preference. I enjoy preparing dinner with you in our tiny kitchen with oil stains all over the stove and your massive air-fryer taking up all the available counter space. I enjoy picking a dinner-worthy show to watch on tv. I enjoy our thank yous, our let-me-grab-that-for-you and our (mostly yours) I’ll-take-care-of-the-washing-up-todays.

I also enjoy finding new spots to go to with you. I enjoy both researching ahead of time, and stumble across something when we’re out and about.


We’ve always wanted to try Meet on Main; their plates always looks amazing and it’s always crowded, which must mean they’re good. So one day, when the sun was shining and people were happy, we decided to give it a go. We realized once inside that the menu is completely vegetarian. I mean, that’s on us. We should’ve known that. I tried their burger, but you were happy with fries.

6F7C3AA3-7E39-427E-948E-AD18453570F3 (1).JPG

On a rainy weekend after visiting Centennial Beach we went to Tsawwassen Mills looking for something to eat. On Google Maps we saw the word Montanas BBQ, so we obviously had to go there. I got a sample platter that doesn’t actually look that big in the above picture, but was huge. You drew a car with crayons on the paper provided for both kids and adults. I guess we’re not technically 30 yet, so you’re allowed.

0790921A-5BB5-43D4-A424-04B546534DC2 (1).JPG
D07FB8AE-C1B5-429F-8CC4-B91C8AE81865 (1).JPG

After many attempts we finally filed our taxes. You met me on Main Street and we signed, sealed and asked someone else to deliver the envelope to the tax office. You asked what’s for dinner; did we decide on anything? I said we did, but we forgot to take it out of the freezer. Quick decision: lets go to Colony. Colony is one of our favorite food places. It’s casual without being too casual, and they make the best fried chicken. You had a lager, I had a cider. We talked about the environment and had that buzz when you think you’re smarter than anyone else in the entire world.


Yesterday you picked me up from work. You had a day off, and we had planned to go to Pacific Spirit Park. I wanted to show you Emily Carr university and the surrounding areas. I wanted to show you Red Truck Beer Company, to suggest we could go there someday. We both figured, why not just go there now. So we did. It had rained all morning but now the sun was shining and you complimented the music. You took a picture of the sink in the bathroom; you had never seen a sink made out of a tire before. I mean, who has?! You sent it to at least two of your friends. After the burger we went to Spanish Banks instead of the forest. The sun definitely had a say in the matter.

I don’t have a preference since just being with you is enough. That’s all I wanted to say. And that this is some of the stuff we’ve been eating lately.