Six Months in Vancouver

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Wow. My titles are always so incredibly creative. 

Since last time I wrote, about a month ago, my dad visited which meant we went traveling a bit and I had some well deserved days off from work. I enjoyed having dad here so much; it pained me that he had to leave and I couldn't come with him! I miss Sweden like crazy. I miss my sister, I miss warm lakes, I miss eating outside and fika every hour. What I wouldn't do to move back, live in a little cabin with a dog right now. Go on forest walks, complain about the mosquitos. Eat Swedish berries and new potatoes. 

The worst thing about living in Vancouver is that I'm so far away from my family. Any other place in Europe would be closer. Now, if I had to go home, we're looking at a $1,200 one way ticket and around 10-11 hours. It's not just the family I miss about Sweden. Every day I long to be there; I dream of being there. Every place I visit here, no matter how spectacular, has me yearning for the north instead. I think it's time to come home. Not right away, I'm not "done" with Vancouver yet, but soon. 

I have so many pictures to post, but first I need to properly go through them. It never feels like I have time, for anything. Apparently I don't have time for blogging either. I've started so many entries, only to abandon them. I prefer to live in a sort of numb state, where I only work and watch Game of Thrones. But I accept that these moments in life need to exist too. That it's not better or worse, it's just where I am in life at the moment. At the moment I'm not social; I'm extremely introverted. I lack productivity and creativity. But that's okay. This too shall pass and all that jazz. 

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