2 Months In Vancouver


It's hard to believe we've been here for two months by now. We're still in the same Airbnb apartment that we arrived at on that surreal night in late January. Our host coming down the stars, hugging us, welcoming us, spreading joy. We've been incredibly lucky with our host and our apartment. Our host even connected us with our new landlord, so all in all, we're extremely grateful for good people. 

It's proper spring now. There are more sunny days than rainy days. I'm on strong allergy medication which means most of the days are spent in some sort of drowsy haze. Still, it's not as bad as it is in Sweden. Or Santa Barbara. On my days off, we've been visiting parks instead of cafes. We try to save money wherever we can, knowing that we'll need all the money we can get when we move into our apartment. 

I still don't love Vancouver. I love how close the city is to nature, how trails are so accessible and well taken care of. But other than that, it's just like any other city really. Minus the history, there's a serious lack of history here. It's all wiped, you could take a street in Vancouver and place it anywhere else in the world (obviously another city) and it would fit in there. No wonder Vancouver is often a backdrop for other cities in films/tv shows. 

What I miss the most about Europe is good food. Nothing amazes me here, everything is bland and boring. The groceries don't even do it for me, I haven't been able to make something really tasty since I got here. I don't know what it is. It's not just the meat and dairy, it's the produce and even the snacks. Don't get me started on the bread. I'm already fed up trying to find something nice, so sad! The food that seems like it would be semi-ok is incredibly expensive as well. I constantly convert the sum to euros / Swedish kronor as a way of accepting the price (the dollar is really low at the moment), and that might comfort me while I still have euros and Swedish kronor - but what about when I'll only survive on earned Canadian dollar? So much of my weekly budget will go to food. Very mediocre food on top of that. Buhu. The food critic / lover inside me weeps! Europe, I love you! Cali, I love you too - you were blessed with incredible food. I don't know what Canadians are doing wrong! You don't know what you're missing living here. 

What else? Apart from working and getting used to my workplace and new routines, I haven't really involved myself in the community here. Haven't made a point to explore and meet up with new people outside work. Now, I'm a very private person anyway and don't need too many friends, but still. Would be nice to get some roots here. I guess it'll come with time. We're moving into our new apartment this week (oh my) and I work pretty much full-time hours in April, so a daily routine will be essential to establish. After that I'll carve out time for more adventurous and soul-growing activities. 

To summarize: This city is not a place I love, but it's got potential that I'm willing to explore. I've got a job, for now, and we're moving into an apartment. I miss grand historical buildings and good food = easily accessible things found in most other countries. I pet a lot of dogs, we watch a lot of Netflix, we've been out for brunch twice so I guess if anything Vancouver has made us a couple who brunch on Sundays. 

vancouverEmma Carlsson