Postcards From VanDusen Botanical Gardens

Don't ask me why we went to a botanical garden in the middle of February. Or do, why not. Answer: It was one of the first days of spring, the sun was shining gloriously and the garden is within walking distance from where we live, so it was all a win-win really! Also, my allergies during spring are r i d i c u l o u s, so better hurry up and visit nature places before it all gets wild (ed. note: it's gone wild now)!


Nothing was in bloom yet; the same hue of green surrounded the grass and the trees. The darker type, the one that survives the winter. The one that reminds you of witchcraft and fantasy novels. The type of green I want to surround myself with, always. 


I love botanical gardens. I mean, how couldn't you; they're basically lusher, more luxurious versions of parks. With less trash on the paths, and people being quiet and respectful because they paid actual money to be there.


VanDusen Botanical Gardens had lots of great stone art all over the place. The garden also has a maze (which we got lost in) and bees (most of them asleep during our visit). I can't wait to go back in the summer, to fully enjoy the vegetable garden and the big grass field. I'll wait till spring is over, I'll let the trees be done with their pollution and love making so I can spend time with flowers, bees, and roses in peace.