Ten Days Later

So. Seems like I had an unintentional blog-break. That's ok. 

In the meantime I started my new job, which is always exhausting because you're learning so many new things all at once. Not just how to actually do your job, or detailed facts about the products you're selling; what the company stands for etc. - but also about the humans working there. You learn who's in charge, who's responsible for what and who you might become friends with. You keep yourself as neutral as possible, because you don't want to offend or overshare or step on anyone's toes. At least that's me. Trying to fit it, trying to establish myself little by little; see what spot's available. At the moment I'm one of the new girls, the one with the accent. 

The job itself is only part-time, so I still have to look for another one. And learn all the office politics all over again. Whatever pays your rent, right. Speaking of rent, we signed a lease to an apartment we get to move into at the end of this month! It feels both good and scary. Good because the landlord is amazing, the location is amazing and the apartment itself is pretty sweet. Scary because it's a huge commitment, and neither me or Andrew really have the required income yet. I mean we have savings, but it's still scary because we're definitely taking a risk here. Commitment is scary for me in general. I always like to have one foot in one place, the other foot in another place and the rest of my body somewhere else. Like I'm divided equally between past, present and the future. This is the wrong way to live and I know that. But it's the only way I know how to.  

Other than that me and Andrew have been obsessed with a South Korean show called Hello, My Twenties on Netflix! Don't ask why, just watch it. We loved it. 

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