Inner City Life: Inner City Pressure

Sorry for that Flight of the Conchords title. Fun fact: Andrew has never watched Flight of the Conchords but loves when I sing the songs to him and "can't wait" to watch it. 


If you were to ask me how a normal day is, here, in Vancouver. While I'm unemployed and spending every minute with my best friend. Then I would say this is it. Us taking the bus and us waiting for more buses to come our way.  


It's also this. Us finding cafes to have fika and/or lunch at. Do they have power outlets? Do they have WiFi? Then me ordering whatever that's on the menu, and you special ordering whatever you can eat. For example on this day, when we went to Prado on Fraser and you had two Belgian waffles with nutella and a side of bacon for lunch (I love you). 

Even though I hope we both get jobs (that we like) soon, I'm doing my very best to enjoy this. Just exploring with you, all the daily stuff. (I love you)

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