Granville Public Market

A perfect sunday activity in Vancouver is to venture to Granville Island to visit the Public Market. It's probably on every tourist's top 5 list of places to check out when here, even for a shorter visit. Me and Andrew went a couple of weeks ago now, and we loved it. It was one of the first days here in Vancouver when it wasn't raining, which made the whole day + place seem more magical. We were just smitten with the place. It was perhaps the first time during my stay here that I felt a spark between me and the city. 


(I love this picture of Andrew taking the exact same photo as the other visitors. I love that about humans? How we stop at crowded places and want the exact same picture as thousands before us? It says so much about us. I don't know, I'm rambling maybe)


We had read / heard about how you can purchase bird feed and try to get the island birds to fly up and eat it straight out of your palms ala Beauty and the Beast. We didn't try it, but had to stop and watch this old man trying his best to befriend the birds. 


While the island is filled with restaurants and cafes, we decided to go into the market for food. It's the type of market you look for in every city, where they serve local dishes and specialities, the energy is buzzing and everyone is enjoying themselves. 


What we ended up going for says so much about us as people and as a couple: I went for butter chicken at Curry2U which was delicious (although a bit too watery) with four different types of dishes in one basically. Andrew went for the most basic thing he could find: a margerita pizza slice. Both happy and content with the choices! 


Have to give this guy cred for being so patience. He also did a great job at defending our table to any outsides that also wanted to try their chances! 


View from our outside table: the Granville Street Bridge. Granville was the name of Vancouver city before it got renamed to Vancouver. 


The produce in the public market was amazing and the different stalls really did an excellent job in making you want to buy all the veggies and fruit! I swear, more than half of the staff were only there to stack up and polish the different produce into desirable piles! 


There were also regular stalls of local companies. We tried the famous Lee Donuts, both being donut lovers. However, we weren't too pleased with the two different kinds we got. Andrew had a regular sugar glazed one because they were out of the sugar ones. To be honest glazed donuts never taste as fresh as just regular sugared ones. I had an apple fritter one, which was all gooey inside due to the batter not being properly baked. It was like eating fresh batter when baking. Too bad! I'd still go again though, trusting everyone else's great reviews of the place. (Pss, best donut in town that we've had so far: Lucky's Donuts from Forty Ninth Parallel Coffee Roasters on Main Street!) 


Outside of the market in the beautiful sunset!


Loved the views of downtown Vancouver from here! Love all the views of downtown more than I love being in downtown haha. Tall, modern buildings are pretty from a distance, not when you're a little tiny human walking next to them. 


There, there, all finished! Ten out of ten, would recommend. Granville Island is so much more than just the Public Market; we can't wait to go back and discover some of their restaurants and shops as well. Or who knows, perhaps visit the theatre? There's something for everyone on the island, so we agree with Tripadvisor / Yelp / TourismVancouver etc.; put it on your to do list when visiting!

Ps: Andrew made a video of our visit there, have a look! 

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