Tom Brady Who? A Super Bowl Recollection

When I was young and dumb in Santa Barbara, me and my girlfriends were obsessed with American football. I say obsessed, but saying that: we knew very little of the actual rules, of the actual teams or the actual players on a national level. We were obsessed with checking out our school's football catalogue only to see if we could spot cute guys. That was about it. 

Well, okay, that wasn't all it was. I totally got the point: we got so into it, during the games. You get excited. You buy into this American Life Lie and you love it. Also, if you are (like me) a die-hard Friday Night Lights fan then American Football just gets to you. It's hard to explain this phenomenon, but I get it. In Ireland I got semi-into rugby, which is honestly a much more impressive sport if you really were to compare them. But nothing beats American Football when it comes to excitement, it's that added extravaganza patriotism which makes all the difference. 

Speaking of patriotism. So the Patriots vs Eagles in this year's Super Bowl game. For some reason me and Andrew cheered for the Eagles; most likely cause they were the underdogs. Also, they've got a nicer team name? Plus, honoring my 22 year old self, Nick Foles is cuter than Tom Brady. There, I said it. Nick Foles reminds me of Matt from FNL and just, ouch, my heart. 


We went to a popular Irish pub in town called Doolin's. 4 bottles of Millers in a bucket for 18$, why not? Let's get two. I really don't like drinking, I almost always immediately regret it. Rest assure, I felt sick only an hour or two after Super Bowl was over for this year. All in all, a very nice Sunday activity. The Eagles won, we felt completely normal for a couple of hours, I'd rate the whole thing 5/5 stars! Because rating average places/events is a thing I do now. 

Emma Carlsson