Postcards From Capilano River Regional Park

After our trip to Grouse Mountain, we wanted to see more of North Vancouver, so instead of taking the bus all the way downtown we decided to walk downhill from the Gondola through Capilano River Regional Park. The views did not disappoint. 


Capilano Regional Park is most famous for its suspension bridge. We didn't visit the suspension bridge this time but saved the experience for another weekend. Instead we stopped by Cleveland Dam overlooking Capilano Lake. After that, we walked through down through the River Park on one of the many trails through the green, deep forest. 

25439094887_6bc1cf81ac_o (1).jpg

Walking through the trees just made my heart so mushy of love and appreciation. It made me miss home; it made me realize how much I belong to this type of terrain; so much more than I belong on concrete streets. This trip really made us fall in love with North Vancouver for this very reason; the closeness to nature and the general calmer pace. 

One of the things Andrew and I discussed on the trails through the park was how pointless this all was without a dog. Just imagine how much better life would be with a dog? The very thought makes me just illogically annoyed at myself; I should be at a place in my life where I have a dog (or two) by now! Life, you are a mystery.