List Sunday: Five Things


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5 things:

… I long for:
Days when you only need a light jacket when you're out & about
Our own apartment
Financial security
Road trips in BC
Structure (my Virgo brain is having a bit of a crisis at the moment)

… I'm grateful for:
Andrew, always
My brother & sister, always
The lack of rain lately
Peanut butter & banana toasts
The fake fireplace in our AirBnB

… I want to be better at:
Not overthinking & catastrophizing everything
Remembering to send texts & call loved ones
Not settling; to really go for what I want
Taking selfies (yes, selfies)
Speaking up

… that annoys me:
When things don't matter as much to other people as it does for me
When you go out to eat, but the menu is dull & the table you get is awful
My own memory. I'm so forgetful, it's an actual problem
My own hearing. Again, this is an actual problem - I'm basically deaf
That I didn't do that barista training a couple of years ago 

… I'm scared of:
Never fulfilling some of my dreams
Not taking part in society in the way that I want
Social gatherings; mingling, networking
Diseases (hypochondriac)
Someone at home getting sick / dying

… I love to eat:
Veg. Chili
Rice with soy sauce
Pico de gallo

… I want to do this year:
Explore BC
Respect my creativity
Do more projects with Andrew
Reach out more: join communities
Document more

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