Postcards From Jericho Beach

Dear people at home, missed friends and curious strangers. I'm aware of how dreary I've been sounding lately, my apologies! It's not all misery; it's not all dressed in a desaturated green and blue. Some things are golden. 

Photo 21-02-2018, 17 15 54.jpg
Photo 21-02-2018, 17 17 17.jpg
Photo 21-02-2018, 17 18 13.jpg
Photo 21-02-2018, 17 19 05.jpg
Photo 21-02-2018, 17 20 13.jpg
Photo 21-02-2018, 17 21 10.jpg
Photo 21-02-2018, 17 21 56.jpg

I have so much to write about, I'll tell you all about it later. Tonight is spent in front of the "fireplace"; there's a snowstorm outside and we spent yesterday in glorious sunshine doing the toughest hike here in Canada yet (not on Jericho Beach!! The pictures are just for show). More about that later. Hope you are taking care of yourself, hope you listen to some great music and take some time to think deep, meaningful thoughts while cooking delicious food or browsing the internet for motivation (make the definition between motivation and comparison, one is good and one is evil).

No guilt this weekend, let's shake on it. 

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