North Vancouver Getaways

If you were to ask me what it looks like exactly from where I'm sitting right now, I'd show you this picture: 

Feb 12-4.jpg

Announcement: we've fallen in love with North Vancouver. Why? Well for many reasons. The slower pace, the cleaner streets, the mountains, all the trees. The trails. The way you can see the snow from here, and you can easily go up and roll in it if you want to. Just take the bus! (We did, over the weekend. I'll show you later; it was pretty magical)

You get to North Vancouver on the Seabus (ferry). It's honestly so convenient. Many people complain, how there aren't enough bridges here, but we love it. Who doesn't love a ferry? 

(ps. these pictures of us going from Canada Place to the Seabus are from my instagram stories. follow me here.) 

Anyway. Today's monday; me and Andrew are both sick with a cold but loving the sunny weather so can't resist being outdoors. The forecast is looking pretty good this week, believe it or not (we can't). It's such a completely different experience being here when it's not constantly pouring rain and all you see are dark skies over wet, cold and tired people.

We're going to start looking for jobs + accommodation in North Vancouver. I don't know if there's enough jobs, but I'd love to find something here, close to the mountains with the skyline of downtown as my view instead of my playground. You can take the girl out from the forest but you can't take the forest out of the girl and all that jazz! 

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