For The Wi(n)dows In Paradise

Starting this post and going through these pictures, I had Sufjan Steven's song "For the Widows in Paradise" stuck on my mind. Not too proud to admit, I thought the title was For the Windows in Paradise and not Widows. Guess I have to go back to some old Spotify playlist and re-listen to the song / perhaps read the lyrics this time! 


Anyway. The windows in paradise, aka where I grew up. Knowing I was about to leave Sweden (again), I documented some of my favorite views; the ones visible to me from my childhood homes. I say homes, plural, because as a kid to divorced parents you always end up having more than one home. Probably led to me now not knowing where home is, really - but more on that some other day. 

Dad lives where he works: in a house built by his grandfather who owned the land. The house stands on a hill overlooking his workplace; a field where he builds his timber houses. Around the area he has piles of saw dust, a tractor barn, some smaller houses with tools and equipment. You can also see my dad's uncle's house and land with more smaller work-huts. My dad's family is known for excelling in wood work, building traditional Swedish timber houses and old fashioned wood furniture.  


One of my favorite things at dad's house is the amount of plants he lovingly care for. Grandma often comes in, unannounced, to care for the plants too. Needless to say they're in top-shape. My absolute favorite thing is his porch, built by dad himself a couple of summers ago. The porch overlooks the forest and his workplace. In the summer you can hear the big events from the tourist small town a couple of kilometers away (mostly from the horse events). 


Being attached to the forest on one side, dad's garden is filled with wildlife. During winter you can spot loads of deer and elk tracks in the snow. From this view alone, I've spotted elks eating away on the salt stones we've put out for them. Our family also regurlarly feeds the deer as well. 


The three last pictures from dad's house is the view from "my" window (guest room / me and my brother's room). Spotted are the kennels where dad keeps his Alaskan Malamute, a garage, and another workshop hall with bigger wood work machinery. I associate the workshop house so much with my great granddad who used to spend so much time in there, carving away wooden treasures. 

I know these pictures might not mean much to anyone else, but I love the idea of saving a moment in time that is so familiar to me at this stage in my life. Who knows what I'll remember in the future; I'll be glad of all the documentation of all the everyday stuff that makes my heart happy on a day-to-day basis. 


Throwing in two pics from my mom's house! Of the most documented bay of them all (at least by my family): bride bay (Brudviken, in Swedish)! First picture is from one of our kitchen windows, second picture is of the panorama window in our living room. Imagine having a giant painting in your living room that changes with the seasons? Words cannot express how much I love this place. Therefore I'm gonna stop myself before I give it a shot! 

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