Roads At Home

What I love most about being home in Sweden is driving around in a huge, safe Volvo stopping everywhere to look at views. Driving really slow to avoid hurting any animal that might take a leap of faith at the exact same time. It's something I miss when I'm away, the freedom of driving and the beauty of the valleys, the red houses and how weather forms the mood. 

Photo 09-01-2018, 14 15 31.jpg
Photo 09-01-2018, 14 24 15.jpg
Photo 09-01-2018, 14 24 55.jpg
Photo 09-01-2018, 14 25 57.jpg

These photos are all taken from my car window, on the same day, on the same trip from my dad's house to my mom's house. The most familiar of views to me. 

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