An Ode To My Sister

Memories from weeks ago on one of our walks. Heavy snowfall. Quiet all around us. Chansa the dog barking because there wasn't any action going on. Or because of happiness, because of us four being together in such beautiful landscape. Who knows. What I do know is that my sister was surrounded by people and animals who love her. I was and am one of them. Who loves her, who adores her. 

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Yesterday, the 27th of January was her birthday. It was also mom's birthday, and I always have to apologise to her for focusing more on my sister's birthday. Sorry, mom! Happy birthday to you! And happy, happy birthday to my sister, my best friend. There's no one I so deeply care about as you. There's no one that can make me laugh like you. I want to spend every day hugging you, making you laugh, making you cry (why not), just hanging out. You're so incredibly smart, kind and brave. You inspire me to be stronger and more courageous. Look at how beautiful she is? How can one not love you? In the future I see us living together. With animals and nature and great food and laughs and hugs. I can't believe you're eighteen now, an adult. I'm sorry to say you'll always be my little baby. 

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