Vancouver, CA

We just extended our booking at the Airbnb we're staying at, close to Fraser street / Mountain View area. I would lie if I said it was love at first sight. Vancouver and me didn't hit it off straight away. Leaving home, and the beauty that is a snow dressed Sweden, hurts more than I thought it would. The rainy, grey city just didn't do it for me the first couple of days. 

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For some reason, I underestimated just how much of a city Vancouver is? Being so close to the mountains, nature, I didn't foresee all the tall buildings and city people. I'm not a city person, far from it. I can adapt, for sure. There are things about cities I loved. But the first couple of days I felt small, insignificant, not at home. Naturally - because I wasn't home. I was somewhere else. 

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The first day was an extreme example of how a new place can scare the living shit out of you. We had been walking around the city the whole day. We were wet and tired. Jetlagged, vulnerable and foreign. I had a pain in my back from travelling that just kept on intensifying throughout the day. At home, in the evening, the pain made it impossible for me to move. I had serious trouble breathing and even laying down hurt my insides. It felt like my chest had collapsed, a very scary thought when you're fresh in a new country. I thought of medical bills, insurance, of wanting to be home where everything was safe and familiar. In the end, it got so bad that we had to call the insurance company, we had to get to the ER. Great. Maybe I'll write about the experience another day, maybe not. I'm safe and alive though so hey, all good! 

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Apart from that, we've been taking it slow. Getting essentials out of the way, going back and forth between hospital and insurance company. We've been exploring the city while trying to find gems and places that feel more like home than the others. We went to the cinema, finally saw Call me by your name and god was it beautiful. We haven't applied for a single job yet, but it'll come. Probably tomorrow already. 

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Hopefully with each day we will feel like we have it more together, that things are going forward. Right now it feels like a weird dream. But at least we have a place to stay, food to eat and things to do. 

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