Check in

Classic Emma. To only write one entry about her beloved Sweden after promising herself to Document. Remember. Glorify the glory. Take loads of cute pics of how amazing Sweden is. Cause it is. Amazing, I mean.

I've been here for almost a month now. I've treasured it, held the moments close. I took some pictures, but made sure to also put my camera away. To just be in moments without documenting it on social media. 

Things that probably won't appear in pictures on my blog about my time in Sweden: 

1) Me and my sister watching Riverdale, me forcing her to scratch my arms or play with my hair. 
2) Cuddles with the Giant Schnauzer Chansa, her spooning me in bed. Her trying to get closer, closer, closer. 
3) Me and dad having dinners and tv nights where we don't say much, but we enjoy each other's company, find joy in just being together. 
4) My mom embracing and looking for hugs and the smiles that follow. 
5) Meaningful conversations with my brother and his girlfriend during their winter visit here. 
6) Me eating every single thing I've missed without an inch of guilt. 
7) Me sitting on one of my oldest friend's floor talking about our fears and our growth, to feel how close you can be to someone who you only see every two years or so. 

Only a couple of days left till I pick up Andrew from the airport. Only a couple of days till we fly off to Vancouver. After that, only god knows I guess. 

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