The First Days In Sweden

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Reflection. Welcome, 2018! You'll be one of the more exciting years I'll have in my lifetime. The first day of the year was quiet, and not at all sunny like the image above. This was earlier last week, before Christmas even. Walking down to the stables to visit my mom + sister's new horse. Everything was beautiful outside, magical. 

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If you take the road less travelled in towards the forest, you'll see a hidden away spot where my mom + sister has their horse Mollie. It's such a sanctuary, and I know they love going there daily. Walking there through the forest myself, I know why they treasure the spot so dearly. 

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Due to some current back problems, Mollie needs to be walked to gain strength. Her winter fur was incredibly soft, and so was she. Haven't met a more gentle horse who embraces cuddles and kisses and always walks behind you faithfully. 

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All these photos are iPhone photos. Mollie, you're so precious. Can't wait to go on more walks with you in 2018! 

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