Some Life Goals of Mine: A Year Later

Source:  Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Almost a year ago, I was blogging quite a bit (I go through phases) and last night I found this list I wrote almost exactly a year ago - it's a list with some life goals of mine. It'd be fun to go through it and see if any of them has changed: 

28.8.16 | noon 

some life goals of mine: 

+ marry
+ live in a house with said husband, be content, feel safe, be happy
+ live a healthy life without restrictions but with healthy routines and habits
+ own a trillion dogs, raise them well, feed them well, love them unconditionally
+ struggle but feel genuine growth from it
+ raise hens, bees, goats
+ explore as much as i can, appreciate every place i’m at - including home
+ write a book
+ live without feeling the need of owning things
+ be as environmental friendly as i can be, stay educated and reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible
+ stay local, buy local, research manufacturers
+ document, always. photographs, videos, writings
+ have a job that i feel genuinely happy doing. if not a job, then a hobby
+ volunteer
+ be a good, loving mom
+ never stop spending time alone in nature
+ be a supporting, loving, caring girlfriend/wife
+ produce film content that i’m proud of; documentaries and such
+ always to trust my gut; if something’s not working for me anymore, try to make a change as soon as possible instead of linger and suffer
+ spend a couple of months in new zealand, australia, bali, and japan
+ hike in austria, germany, switzerland, italy
+ roadtrip around italy with andrew, look at nice cars and eat amazing food
+ visit my cousin in tanzania
+ roadtrip in the states
+ do yoga, always
+ feel safe and loved, always 

I'd say the reason why I put marry as number one was because I was missing Andrew haha. Marrying would be nice, and it will probably happen, but it's not really a life goal of mine. All of the goals on that list remains, which I'm happy to say. The only thing I'd change is the job part - I wouldn't just settle with a hobby. I need to love my job. It can be a boring TYPE of job, but I need to love doing it; to go there. 

There are some of the things on the list that I struggle with still, so they're all still important to me. For example, when trusting my gut: try to change my situation as soon as possible. But I guess everything's relevant; as soon as possible could mean today, in 3 months time or in a year's time. It's not news to anyone that I'm unhappy with my job now for example. If it was up to me I'd quit yesterday. Last night, apart from PMSing, I was having really bad anxiety over going back to work today. But, realistically I can't just quit. I need to stay for a couple of more months, saving money for Sweden and Canada. 

I'm happy to see I still have the same goals: that means that my core wants and needs haven't changed. That means I've sculpted myself into a solid person who knows herself and her happiness - finally. It'll be interesting to see if it still the case a year from now; where will I be? Most probably Canada, but things can change. They always do.