Let Me Have This

after a very stressful period of my life filled new job responsibilities, finishing up my master's thesis (writing a full feature script + contextualisation), and a sinus infection/migraine from hell - i am so, so happy to say that i'm now writing this post from a sunny little kitchen in lisbon. 

Photo 30-08-2017, 15 57 25.jpg
Photo 30-08-2017, 15 58 35.jpg
Photo 30-08-2017, 15 57 55.jpg

we'll be staying here for 9 nights; it's almost too good to be true. we've only been here for a couple of hours but lisbon is amazing. i'm so tired for being awake the full night before arriving here, finishing up my thesis, packing, and all that jazz. but i'm happy. i'm so happy. 

Emma Carlsson