22 Degrees Of Irish Sun

with andrew working and his parents away for the night, i came home from work today having the house completely to myself (if you don't count the dog + two cats). me being on my own these days is rare. i listened to podcasts, had dinner outside and cleaned around the house. now it's closer to nine and i'm feeling extremely tired, watching netflix with tea on the couch. 

last night was so strange. i eventually got a migraine and wasn't feeling the best in general as described in yesterday's post. today i feel hungover, exhausted, drained. 

one good thing came out of yesterday though: me and andrew booked our holiday in the end of august! 10 days in lisbon. i can't wait for beaches, colourful streets and hopefully more sun. and also just to be alone with a for a couple of days! 

has anyone watched 'tales of light' on netflix? the 2 first episodes of the second season makes me want to go to kenya/tanzania so badly. like nature is so abundantly beautiful. lets all say a pray to mother nature tonight; thank you mother nature. bless and thank you. 

dailyEmma Carlsson