saw on the news that sweden's covered with snow now. april weather never fails to amaze. here in ireland the sun is shining, but we're getting some of those icy winds from up north. have i ever been more swedish than this? starting a post with talks about the weather? oh well. 

this week i'm on the late shift. which means i get to sleep in, go for morning walks, and then stay late when the office is quiet and people are a bit more personal and emotional on the phone. it's fine by me, i don't mind. nine isn't too late in the evening. we still have time to watch 'the good wife' when we get home. 

most mornings you drive me to work. most afternoons/evenings you pick me up. it wont always be this way, it's just that you have time at the moment and i have daily anxiety which is being helped a lot by you keeping me company just for a little bit longer. less than two weeks ago we were driving down south visiting foreign places that seemed really familiar. you're always taking care of me. you drive me around, you feed me, you let me pick the music in the car. for that, and many other reasons, i love you, cherish you, need you and want you. 

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Emma Carlsson