It’s funny looking at a picture of yourself, the one you want to represent w h o y o u a r e. Like the one above. Me, smiling. Long, blonde, curly hair. Wearing a dress. Holding on to a. A what? A cow.

Truth is I never have curly hair. It’s straight as hay. You’ll see blood moons more often than you’ll see me in a dress. And while I used to live on the countryside (and for a mere 2 weeks worked as a milk maid at a local farm), spending time with cows isn’t really an everyday occurance.

Despite that, here we are.

I’m Emma. I was born and raised in the north west of Sweden among dogs, forests and lakes. I was fifteen the first time I moved away from home. Fifteen years later, and I’m still trying to find a home of my own. I spent 3 years in California. Then 4 years in Ireland. Now, I’m in Vancouver.

This site of mine is a documentation of everything that happens. Of finding pieces of home in different places. Of becoming soft like cotton.

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.


PS. This blog contains spelling mistakes but I'm trying not to care and neither should you.